Aur’a Natural Gold Water

History and Facts

Since ancient times the local people from Romania in the area of Transylvania were more active, healthier and happier. This was a mystery as well as an assumption they might have discovered miracle water, the springs of holy wells.

Many were trying to find that well-hidden secret, for hundred years, but without success.

In 2012, after long researches, we believe we successfully found the secret of their longevity. We discovered in the heart of Carpathians, in Banat Mountains, a pristine area far away from any source of pollution, the Fountain of Youth, their Water of Life

We simply called it Aur’a

Aur’a is the association of two Latin words expressing its precious content. “Aur” comes for the Latin “Aurum” which means Gold and “a” the letter following the apostrophe stands for the Latin “Argentum” meaning Silver. Nevertheless “Aur’a” symbolise the body aura as well, which according to New Age beliefs is a human energy field, a coloured emanation said to enclose a human body.

Presentation and packaging

Aur’a is bottled only in quality glass bottles with a metallic screwing-off cap, to preserve its qualities longer and for protecting the Mother Earth #NoToPlastic

Available on the market, Aur’a Still or Sparkling is sold either by the bottle, small or large, as well as in boxes of 6 or 24 bottles. While Aur’a water large bottle of 750 ml is being packed in cases of 6 glass bottles, the small glass bottle of 330 ml is coming in cases of 24. For distributors, the Aur’a water is being sold on pallets, 66 of 24 bottles case or 116 of 6 bottles case.
Aur'a Still Water
Chemical Composition
Alkaline Water

pH 8.25 (at 25°C)

  • Colloidal Gold (Au) = 0.012 μg
  • Colloidal Silver (Ag) = 0.04 μg
  • Calcium (Ca) = 69.9 mg
  • Magnesium (Mg) = 23.7 mg
  • Potassium (K) = 1.74 mg
  • Sodium (Na) = 4.13 mg
  • Nitrites (NO2¯ ) < 0.025 mg
  • Nitrates (NO3¯ ) = 1.48 mg
Our body is made mostly of water!
It's important to #KnowYourWater
Aur'a Sparkling Water
Chemical Composition :
Mildly Carbonated

Nitrites (NO2¯ ) < 0.025 mg

  • Colloidal Gold (Au) = 0.012 μg
  • Colloidal Silver (Ag) = 0.04 μg
  • Calcium (Ca) = 79.9 mg
  • Magnesium (Mg) = 24.9 mg
  • Potassium (K) = 1.39 mg
  • Sodium (Na) = 4.5 mg
  • Nitrites (NO2¯ ) < 0.025 mg
  • Nitrates (NO3¯ ) = 1.48 mg
Our brain and heart are made of 73% water!
It's important to #SayNoToNitrites
Aura Gold Water - AU
Gold has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and it is a natural antibiotic with important antioxidant qualities, stimulates the vital force, increases the concentration capacity, also improves the brain blood circulation.
Aura Gold Water - AG - Silver
Silver has been shown to have therapeutic properties, being the best natural antiseptic, helps kill the bacteria, stimulates the leukocytes function and increases the immune system.
Aura Gold Water - Purity
It is pure with no additions or reductions of elements, being bottled as it comes from the spring. It is microbiological pure water that doesn’t have any bacteria or viruses and no heavy metals or high concentration of nitrates and nitrites
Aura Gold Water - Health
The alkaline water is an essential element of our health. By consuming this natural alkaline water would help to detoxify our bodies, keep a good balance and help against daily stress which influences our lives more and more, day by day
Aura Gold Water - Low Sodium Content
Compared with other types of bottled water, Aur’a has a very low sodium content.
Aura Gold Water - PH
This natural water has the pH8.25 while between 8 and 9 is the ideal pH level for an alkaline water