Aur’a Natural Gold Water awarded by the iTQi

Aur’a Gold Water has been recognized as an exceptional product for the fifth year in a row 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020, being conferred a maximum of three stars with the Superior Taste Award by the iTQi – International Taste & Quality Institute based in Brussels, a world’s leading organization dedicated to certifying the taste and quality of food and drink products. The iTQi’s Superior Taste Award is the only stamp of quality in taste granted by food and drinks opinion leaders that are Michelin starred chefs and sommeliers.
This iTQi – Crystal Taste Award is a unique international recognition, conferred after the product has been assessed on the blind judgement of 140 prestigious chefs and sommeliers from the entire world and 3 years in a row won the iTQi’s 3 stars Superior Taste Award. The assessment process is rigorous and includes sensory evaluation by a blind test, where among others, a special emphasis is given to the evaluation of taste, aroma, texture, and product appearance. In 2018, companies from 131 countries registered for this prestigious award, with almost 2000 products participating and we’re proud to say, because of the purest taste and quality recognised by the iTQi 3 years in a row, by 3 different panels of judges and with a score above 90%, Aur’a Gold Water received the Crystal Taste Award
The process of achieving the license to use the Emirates Quality Mark involves a comprehensive evaluation of the product as well as the quality system used by the manufacturer in production through testing and inspection.

The Emirates has granted to Aur’a Natural Gold Water this Quality Mark of conformity for demonstrating compliance with the relevant UAE National Standards, Regional and International Standards and because is manufactured by an organization implementing an effective Quality Management System to ensure continuous compliance
Another strong body who awarded Aur’a Natural Gold water is the Agency for the Valorisation of Agricultural Products. AVPA is a non-governmental and non-profit association, established in Paris, composed of producers and taste enthusiasts. The association’s objective is to contribute to enhancing the value of agricultural products and to recognize the excellence of some producers, too often forgotten in the midst of the requirements of mass marketing.

Every year, more than five hundred producers from around the world participate in one of the AVPA contests and in 2018 Aur’a Natural Gold Water has been as well certified and awarded
SGS institute in Germany is a trusted partner for all major industries with an excellent reputation in providing inspection, verification, testing and certification, safety and quality of food, beverages and any consumer products.

SGS’s audits ensure that your product is complying with IFS Food (International Featured Standard) regulations.

Aur’a Gold Water has been tested daily considering its composition and analysing its chemical, biochemical and microbiological quality. The SGS Certificate has been issued based on the outcome of the entire processing activities of Aur’a Water, that meets the requirements of the IFS Food.
Pronounced PAH-riv or pahr-veh, “parve” is a Yiddish (and by extension, Hebrew) term for something that is neither meat nor dairy.

This is significant because Jewish law does not allow one toParve food may be eaten with meat or milk cook or consume meat together with milk products. Parve food, however, may be eaten together with both meat and milk. Examples would be water, eggs, fish, and anything that is plant-derived, such as fruit, nuts and veggies.

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